10 Top Questions To Ask The Car Shipping Companies

The majority of consumers make the error of selecting a vehicle transport business solely based on online reviews. Currently, reading online reviews is a crucial and required stage in the process, but it is only one step. To make sure your auto shipping company is the best fit for the job, you should also call them and ask them a number of questions.

Are you an auto transport management company, a carrier, or a broker?

Here is a brief explanation of what each of those phrases refers to and why it matters. Brokers give their clients top priority when selecting carriers and setting up shipments. The carriers that transport and deliver the vehicles also own the trucks, making shipment a priority. When it comes to serving customers, a car transport management business like Rapid Auto Shipping acts as a single point of contact from quote to delivery. An auto transport management business will be able to address issues more quickly because they care about more than just automobiles. Customers are also treated with attention by them.

Do you provide free quotes with no obligations?

On their websites, the majority of auto transport businesses provide free car shipping quotes. If they don’t, this could be a serious red flag and a hint to search elsewhere.

Why wouldn’t a company want to offer a free quote to a prospective customer?

Here at Rapid auto Shipping, we provide free, real-time quotes for shipping cars. Additionally, there is zero personal information required on our online quote form. Therefore, obtaining one of our car shipping quotations is completely obligation-free and only takes a few seconds.

Is the auto transport business authorized and registered?

It’s not difficult to determine whether auto transport companies are authorized and registered, but it’s wonderful to hear it from someone who works there. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandates that auto transport businesses that transport vehicles across state borders possess a USDOT Number. Additionally, international car carriers need to hold a Federal Maritime Commission license. You can check a company’s operating status, safety history, and other registration information here after you know its USDOT number.

What payment method do you accept?

Before delivering your car, a genuine and trustworthy auto shipping firm shouldn’t demand full payment. Most will accept full payment in advance, but it should never be required. However, many businesses will want a down payment or partial payment before the car is dispatched.

Do your quotes include everything?

This has major significance. Nothing is worse than unanticipated fees and charges. By asking the auto shipping business for a list of everything the quotation includes, this can be easily avoided. To save yourself the hassle, find out in advance whether there will be any additional expenses.

Make sure you have thoroughly read and comprehended the contract before you sign it. Make sure the costs match what you committed upon. Make sure to find out about any additional fees or penalties as soon as possible.

What paperwork is necessary to export my car?

Typically, all that is required of you is a photo ID, your registration, and proof of insurance. You might also need to provide your title, according to several car shippers. If you are shipping a car overseas, you must adhere to the conditions established by the destination nation. Your car will not be released from the port at its destination if you don’t follow local laws. Knowing the local laws is crucial because the customs clearance process can be time-consuming. Stay away from port delays.

What Kind of Insurance Is Available?

The likelihood is that your auto insurance won’t provide coverage for shipping your car abroad or across the country. It’s crucial that you talk insurance with your shipping business to ensure that they have the appropriate coverage because of this. To learn more about the sorts of coverage your car or cars will have while they are in their care, request to see their insurance records.

What if the vehicle is damaged?

The owner should perform a thorough assessment of the vehicle after it arrives at its final location to make sure there was no damage sustained during transportation. If there is damage, the driver will note it and sign it so you can file a claim with the shipping company’s insurance and get paid.

What will the price of my shipment be?

Your price will be more accurate if you chat with a car transport company representative directly because you’ll be able to describe any unique requirements or demands you have. When you contact us, be careful to have as much information as possible accessible regarding your vehicle and your shipment so the representative can provide you with an accurate price.

Why Are You The Best company?

Ask each nearby firm why they are the finest for this particular project when choosing the best vehicle shipping service available. There are many different auto transport businesses to pick from, and each one will offer different services and follow different policies.

Check references and confirm that the business you work with has a history of satisfied clients, including people, dealerships, and others.

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