Atif Baloch (Sindh Council Member)


Atif Baloch, a Member Sindh Council Pakistan Peoples Party (District Central Karachi, Sindh)

He was born in Karachi Pakistan, His political career started in the 90’s when he was student. 

On August 2018, Mr. Atif Baloch Became a member of sindh council. Journalists, politicians, and the people of Pakistan praised Atif Baloch after he delivered his maiden speech for the people of sindh especially karachi district central. In his speech, he asked residents who complete the work of broken roads? Who works for water supply especially in his district. fulfil his promise of rooting out corruption, resolving the water crisis, and providing ten million jobs and 5 million houses to the people during PPP tenure. In the speech.

He also said that the PPP wants to upgrade not just their people, they want the whole pakistan to grow and for that we need to work.

For the development work of his district he is ready to go everywhere and talk to his superiors, in his many interviews he never blamed any other party for the water supply issue. He just asked people who did this work and everyone was saying the development has been done so far only from PPP.

As per his statement the PPP government wants to feed poverty, spreading education even for free. MR. Atif Baloch opened the house door to resolve the problem of people in his district.

In his Other statement in the interview of well known TV channelAlhamdulillah Development Works are under process in the different areas of District Central , soon Dist Cent will be a role model (District) in Karachi”  Thanks to Chairman PPP

Mr. Atif  Baloch has repeatedly defended the rights of minorities in Pakistan.In a statement responding to reports about the demolition of a Hindu temple in Karachi and a desecration of an Ahmadia graveyard in Lahore he said, “Our forefathers did not sacrifice their lives for an intolerant, extremist, sectarian, and authoritarian Pakistan. I appeal to all of you to rise up and defend Jinnah’s Pakistan. My party and I will stand by you, shoulder to shoulder.

His brother Kashif Baloch was martyred on 27th December 2007 with Benazir Bhutto. His brother also wants to spread the awareness of politics to common people, so common people can come into politics and can work on the ground level.

His Beloved person MR. Masroor Ahsan, President of Pakistan People’s Party District Centra, was met by jiyalas of North Nazimabad PS 130 at his residence to encourage youths of North Nazimabad shadman town to join the Pakistan Peoples Party.

Public service is PPP’s number one priority. People from various places visit SMasroor Ahsan’s home on a daily basis.with their issues, PPP District Central President The President performs best when addressing issues facing the public without

He also met Dr Asim Husain, at the meeting they discussed the health developments they can do for the people of karachi. He has done the fumigation process many times in covid-19 time to get rid of the covid germs. After that everyone follows him and did the same for their areas.

Mr Atif Baloch has decided to work for the betterment of the people now matter if he win the local body elections or not. He doesn’t look just for the vote but he is willing to look after his voters and supporters, he is willing to bring education, food and other benefits for the ground level people. He was able to work with his own pocket in some areas where getting water supply was a dream. He spend his own money on it to get the pipelines.




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