Best Candies That Will Take You Back to the School Days

It is believed that candies are most loved by kids. You must also have some memories associated with candies when you were in school. It was always fun to have some pieces of your favorite candies by the best candy manufacturer in India in your shirt’s or bag’s pocket and eat it one-by-one. Apart from this, who can forget the birthdays when the birthday girl or boy used to distribute candies in the class and to the teachers! This is something most of us have seen or done at least once in our school days.

But you can still enjoy these candies no matter if you are a grown-up adult or not. After all, candies are everyone’s favorite. Do not know which candy to try that can take you back to your school memories! Even though the options are endless, below are some handpicked ones. Take a look:


Candy lovers must have known about these sweeter and tastier types of nerds. In many countries, moms used to give these sugary treats to their kids as a perfect ‘mid-day’ snack to satiate that extra sweetness craving. The best thing about this candy is that nerds are available in some of the tastiest flavors such as strawberry and grape.

Bomb Blast

This is yet another candy that is highly loved by kids and appreciated by adults. The reasons are quite obvious – the unique taste, different variety, and of course – the ability to take you back to your childhood school days. As the name suggests, when you eat this candy, initially you will feel sweetness but after a few seconds, the real taste and flavor will come to your mouth. Offered by a leading bomb blast candy manufacturer in India, it is one of the most popular yet colorful candies of this time in the country. You can also have some amazing flavors such as cola, orange, lemon, mango, etc.


We think that almost everyone had tasted and tried Poppins at least once in their life. These colorful candies were everyone’s favorite in their childhood days. You may or may not remember but it was great fun to take all the candies out of the packet just to count and arrange the same as per the colors and favorite flavors. The best part of this candy crafted by the best snacks company in India is that you will have multiple flavors in one single packet.

Dum-Dum Pops

You might have not seen any candy that is added as a spot snack but dum-dum pops have that leverage. Whether it is a school event or a sports match, you will surely find these tasty pops being served to staff, students, etc. The best part about these candies is that you will never be able to guess which flavor is next on the list.

Closing remarks

We all know that schools can be boring sometimes. But you can make it for yourself or if you have school-goers at home by adding some candies. To have the best candies, you can browse through the official website to see the available range of the most prestigious candy and snack manufacturer in the country – Kiwi Foods. All of its range i.e. tanatan chips, bomb blast candies, and so on is quite popular. So, why think more, just grab some right away.


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