Concrete Look Tiles: A Modern Mainstay!

Deciding on a suitable flooring material can be daunting, owing to the wide range of available options in the market. Since floor renovations are hectic and time-consuming, one cannot afford to get them done frequently. As a result, picking the right floor choice becomes imperative.

Polished concrete look tiles have gained much popularity over the years due to their minimalist industrial look. These tiles have a modern yet rustic charm that adds ambient light to any room with their reflective surface. The use of concrete or cement-like floors is no longer limited to garage and outdoor spaces.

An increasing number of home interior designers are opting for this flooring choice for both practicality and aesthetic reasons. Apart from being a significant design element, concrete-look tiles are easy to maintain and make for an ideal living room, kitchen, and bathroom tiles.

What are concrete look tiles?

As the name suggests, concrete look tiles are an emulation of natural concrete flooring in quality porcelain tiles. Advanced technology replicates the stunning visual appeal of concrete flooring on highly durable porcelain tiles. Concrete look tiles are available in many colors, designs, textures, and tones that make for an ideal floor across varied areas.

Concrete look tiles vs Poured floors

The enticing appeal of concrete floors has made them a prominent pick for home interiors. However, the primary pouring method of concrete flooring involves a lengthy process that is both expensive and time-consuming. Also, the original concrete floors do not have a reflective surface as the concrete look tiles.

Talking about polished concrete look tiles, they are a modem mainstay that delivers both versatility and practicality. These floors offer an unbeatable visual appeal that makes for a perfect floor pick across any interior and exterior space. Homeowners and designers can attain the desired look at minimal costs. Getting concrete look tiles assures the appeal of raw concrete floors with all the benefits of modern porcelain tiles.

Why choose polished concrete look tiles?

Polished concrete look tiles are a replica of the original concrete flooring that can be manufactured in multiple colors and textures. The latest technology like inkjet printers makes design and color modifications easier. As a result, homeowners can have the exact shades of concrete that best suits the space decor. Of the multiple reasons for choosing polished concrete tiles, the following discussed are a few that make concrete floors worth it:

  • Versatility: One of the major reasons that have made concrete look like tiles is its high versatility. Concrete look-like tiles are manufactured in a wide array of colors and designs that can be used across varied high-traffic and exposed areas like hallways, patios, bathrooms, etc. Whether you are looking for a subtle matte look or some modern patterns, these tiles are available in all forms.
  • Easy installation: Unlike the traditional poured concrete, porcelain tiles are easy to install and require much less time and effort comparatively. Floor tiles and adhesive are sufficient to renovate a floor within a few days provided that the existing floors are in good condition. One can easily have the desired concrete floors at minimal inconvenience.
  • Low maintenance: Upkeep and maintenance are major concerns when it comes to flooring. The original concrete flooring can be tough to maintain and should be released once a year due to its porous nature. On the other hand, concrete look tiles are easy to clean and are resistant to varied stains from dust and chemicals. Much like any porcelain tiles, the surface is glazed to last longer and keep the shine intact.
  • Cost-effective: Original concrete flooring can be expensive due to the high charges of materials and the workforce involved. Also, poured concrete floors involve a number of steps to get the ideal texture, finish, and shine. This is not the same in the case of polished concrete look tiles that are available at cheaper rates including the installation charges.

Areas suitable for installing polished concrete look tiles

Polished concrete look tiles are suitable for multiple interior and exterior areas including bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, living spaces, balconies, etc. The rustic charm of the original concrete floors coupled with the features of porcelain tiles makes them a versatile floor option.

Apart from the obvious design element and aesthetic value that come along with concrete-look tiles, these floors are resistant to a number of weather factors such as sunlight, moisture, dust, etc. Floors that are exposed to constant water or experience heavy traffic can also be renovated with concrete look tiles to ensure high appeal and safety.

Polished concrete look tiles are popular recommendations in the kitchen and bathroom tiles category as the floors in such regions experience heavy foot traffic and are exposed to dust. Also, the minimal upkeep and maintenance required for concrete look tiles make them a modern mainstay in the flooring market.

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