Enhance Your Shooting Performance: The Benefits of Competition-Ready Handguns

Enhancing your shooting accuracy is crucial, regardless of your level of experience. There are many ways to improve your skills, including building confidence, overcoming shooting slumps and mistakes, and using visualization techniques. One of the best ways to improve your shooting performance is by getting a competition-ready handgun. These weapons are made to be accurate and quick.

More Accurate Sights

When you train at a competitive range, the standard configurations of pistols used in competition can lead to muscle memory. It could be detrimental in a real-world situation, as the threat won’t likely be kind enough to place targets where you’re used to seeing them. Many of the upgrades used for competition can hinder your ability to deploy and engage multiple targets quickly. For example, a light trigger weight helps you shoot faster in competitions but can cause you to miss shots in a stress-inducing real-world situation.

The best competition handguns feature sights that allow you to see your target and the point of aim with a clear view of the environment. The sights are also designed to co-witness with mounted optics. In other words, they are much more accurate than traditional iron sights.

Improved Accuracy

As the most commonly used firearm in America, the handgun is the center of countless discussions on how to improve accuracy. Many of these tips focus on a shooter’s physical abilities and training regimen, which are certainly important. However, it is also helpful to consider the role of the firearm itself. Many competition-ready pistols ship from the factory with features that can significantly enhance their accuracy. Competition guns often come with triggers between 2-4 pounds lighter than standard versions, making it easier to shoot quickly and accurately. It is especially useful for shooters who compete in rapid-fire events like 3-Gun.

Lighter Weight

The best competition guns are made from high-quality metals, but this often comes with a weight penalty. In addition to a more substantial frame, these pistols feature a light trigger and hammer that reduce recoil.

Some guns also have extended magazine catches, extended slide stops, and triggers for increased performance. For those who wish to compete, the slide is machined to accommodate mounting plates for widely used micro red-dot optics. These pistols also typically come with flared mag wells to reduce the time required for reloading. It allows shooters to focus more on their technique than fumbling to get the magazine into the mag well.

More Versatile

Competitor pistols often feature larger controls and flared magazine wells to reduce the time needed for mag change. These features could make reloading under pressure in a defensive situation easier.

Competitors also learn new ways of managing recoil during a shot string. They may use a forward grip to help them move faster between targets. This technique isn’t likely useful in a real-world gunfight but can improve accuracy during rapid-fire training.

Competition shooting also encourages unnecessary toys that possibly enhance competitive results but aren’t practical in a defensive situation. For example, a laser sight might be helpful during competitions, but it could be distracting and even dangerous in a real-world gunfight. Likewise, an incredibly light trigger weight might allow you to shoot more quickly, but it cannot be easily controlled in a real-world situation.

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