Everything you need to know about iPhone 14

Apple has just launched the new iPhone 14 Pro and we have already had more than enough time to launch our analysis after first impressions. Some first impressions have practically not changed, since the mobile has behaved as it should for an iPhone. But beware, we have found some less favorable details we did not expect.

In general, we can say that it is the best phone on the market. The iPhone 14 Pro so far this year. Virtually all of its set offers all the best that the industry can offer us, but like everything in life, not everything is going to be good. But we insist that Apple has manufactured a terminal that not only offers very good sensations, but also outstanding features.


The design of the айфон 14 Pro is continuous, which means that it is very recognizable, everyone knows that they are in front of an iPhone without having to see the apple on the back. Is this negative? Not really, because if a good design works at an industrial level, Apple tries to stretch the gum as much as possible. If it also includes materials as premium as those it incorporates, the balance is quite balanced.

Front of the iPhone 14 Pro

On the front side, we are going to find a significant novelty, since we say goodbye to the “notch” to embrace Apple’s new proposal, the dynamic island. They could simply hide the “notch” as much as possible, but no, they wanted to give functionality to an area perhaps poorly used and they have raised it to the highest level.

Back of iPhone 14 Pro

Iphone 14

At the back we find a triple rear camera with a novelty, now the module of these is much larger. They protrude a little more from the body, which is why it also gives us a clue about the importance of improving the photographic section that we will detail later.

Edges and edges

On the edges of the iPhone 14 Pro, like the previous generation and the iPhone 14, we find a double speaker (which sounds good), a Lightning charging port (Apple’s proprietary) and on the upper sides, the button panel volume and quick access to mute the phone. Perhaps we found a small change in the power button located on the right side, but little else.

Multimedia section

In the multimedia section, we find everything necessary to enjoy any content without the need to use headphones or an external screen (when this is not possible). The iPhone 14 Pro offers a truly spectacular screen to savor any series or streaming music with a truly extraordinary surround effect.

Photography and video


The value of photography and video on an iPhone is simply essential since they are usually one of its strengths for various reasons. Us, as content creators, we could affirm that it is our work tool, not only for recording the work itself but also for managing social networks, a fundamental point in the distribution of our work.

Triple camera

The new iPhone 14 Pro consists of a triple camera, where the main camera, wide angle, and zoom or telephoto lens are located. At the front, we find a 12-megapixel selfie camera. As a whole, virtually all cameras perform well, if not nearly outstanding.

12-megapixel wide angle

Iphone 14

Here we find one of the shadows of the iPhone 14 Pro since we continue with a very inefficient wide angle. It has improved a bit, but not enough to boast about it, especially in night mode, where a lot of information is lost. Too bad because it would be a finishing touch to close the circle, so we have to wait for the next generation to see if we are facing a considerable leap in quality.


At the hardware level, the iPhone 14 Pro is the most powerful phone on the market, without discussion. It is not comparable with another firm that we can find in the market. We notice this both in passive and intensive use, of which we can attest that the terminal has never offered us signs of “fatigue”. Therefore, if you are a very intensive user, tell you that the phone performs very well in this situation.

The A16 Bionic is the one found inside the iPhone 14 Pro, where it has also been equipped with greater RAM, specifically up to 6GB. Where there is no variation in the battery, we still have 3,200 mAh, which is good, it could be fair for a certain sector of the most intensive users. As additional data, the always-on screen consumes approximately 15% at each load.


Software is one of the most important sections of a smartphone. We found some manufacturers that do wonders to make the user experience pleasant but, make no mistake, iOS 16 brings us a very pleasant level in daily use. In this new version, we find very interesting new features, especially with the management of notifications through the dynamic island.

New notification management with the dynamic island

The management of notifications has given a twist to the iPhone 14 Pro, since now we can take advantage of an area of ​​the screen that did not provide any type of value, ignoring the differentiating section of the notch. Now the top of the screen comes to life.

Widgets are a characteristic point of this new version of the operating system, where it offers us a greater visualization and data of our favorite applications. This may seem basic if we compare it with Android, but we have to think that it is a novelty that until a few weeks ago, it was not implemented in iOS.

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