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The #1 homework help centre in Quebec

Centres Pédagogiques Accompagnement Scolaire is the #1 centre in Quebec for homework help, tutoring and remedial education. With a team of highly qualified tutors and professionals in training or with extensive knowledge of school programs, we offer elementary, secondary and CEGEP students the best professionals to help them in their academic journey. 

Our flexible approach adapts to the specific needs of each student. 


Our professionals tailor their study plan to the child and use effective teaching materials to help your children develop missing word skills and achieve their academic goals. Our team of remedial teachers, speech therapists and educators also works with parents and teachers to ensure that the child receives all the help. In addition to traditional methods, our teachers also use modern and innovative tools, such as videoconferencing or digital platforms, to optimise each student’s follow-up.

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What is homework help?

Homework help is educational support provided to students outside the classroom, usually by a teacher or tutor. The objective of homework assistance is to help students succeed in their homework and improve their academic performance.

Support can take different forms, from a simple information exchange between teacher and student to a formal tutoring structure. Homework help can be provided in schools, libraries, at home, in one of ours.

Educational centres or online.

Homework help usually takes place after school hours during the school year, but it can also take place on weekends or during school holidays.

Homework help is not limited to help with homework. It can include skill-building activities, such as reading exercises, discussions on a subject of study, or additional exercises.

Homework help: free or paid?

Homework help is a service that can be free or paid. Families can sometimes receive free homework help from their child’s school. However, depending on the school’s resources, only certain students in greater difficulty can benefit from it.

The difference between free homework help and private homework help

Private organisations often provide paid services, such as online tutoring, home or centre services, or private lessons. Rates vary widely by service and location. It is important to choose the services carefully and to check their skills.

Families who want homework help for their children can often get a tax deduction if they choose a paid service.

Throughout the process, the child will be followed by a professional and a tutor to help him. Whether for:

Difficulty in French or maths

School remedial

Preparation for admission or ministerial exams

Your child will receive personalised educational support to support their academic success.

What is the price for homework help?

Homework help is a service that is often paid for because the teachers and tutors who provide it must have adequate training and specific skills.

The price of a homework help session generally varies according to several factors such as:

where the homework help session takes place

the type of establishment helps with homework for the child

the number of hours worked with the student

Generally, a homework help session will be calculated by the hour according to the student’s grade level and needs. However, some establishments offer special rates for low-income families or free support services within the framework of programs.

Where do the homework help sessions take place?

In a school, at home, in a community or specialised centre, in a library. This depends on the school level of the child (primary or secondary) and the type of homework help provided (individual or group support). Homework help at school or home: which one to choose?

There is no single answer to this question, as the pros and cons of both options often depend on the particular context and specific needs of each child.

Homework help at school

In general, homework help at school has some important advantages: it is often offered by the school and is easily accessible (students can go to homework help after their lessons). It makes it possible to integrate the help with homework in the school setting. However, homework help at school can also have drawbacks: students are often distracted by other students, and it is difficult for teachers to give individualised follow-ups to each student.

homework help

Homework help, on the other hand, has several advantages: it allows for more individualised monitoring, as teachers or tutors can focus on the student’s specific needs, and it is often more flexible regarding timetables.

However, homework help also has drawbacks: it is generally more likely to be distracting than homework help at school.

Academic support offered by qualified teachers

To find effective school support for homework help, you must opt ​​for school support offered by qualified, trained, competent professionals.

Accompagnement Scolaire offers individualised and personalised follow-up provided by experienced and competent teachers and tutors who can meet each student’s specific needs. With Accompagnement Scolaire, you benefit from adapted and high-quality academic support at an affordable price, whatever your financial situation.


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