How to build a granny flat in Northern Illawarra?

Souter Built Flats and Home Extensions is the premier Northern Illawarra granny flats developer. With Souter Built Granny Flats base and headquarters in Northern Illawarra – if you have landed in Northern Illawarra and you’re considering building a Granny Flat – you’ve come to the right place. Our Granny Flats are fully customizable to suit your space in Northern Illawarra. So, whatever your needs, your journey will start with a free site survey from a team of experienced professionals based in the Northern Illawarra region.

Why build a granny flat in Northern Illawarra?

Building a Granny Flat in Northern Illawarra is a sound investment regardless of your lifestyle. With significant investments and things like the state government’s North Invest scheme bringing big business and community investment to Northern Illawarra – it makes sense to consider investing in your property or home in Northern Illawarra.

What is the largest mansion to build in Northern Illawarra?

Designed to fit into Northern Illawarra blocks, Souter Built has completed the process of designing and building a range of 1-bedroom villas, two-bedroom villas, and three-bedroom villas. You can have any Granny Flat design up to 60m2 in your Northern Illawarra property.

Our Granny Flat design has a bright, spacious layout and efficient use of space, with stylish finishes and many inclusions as standard. Northern Illawarra, Granny Flat plans, are available in various styles, from 1-bedroom Granny Flat plans as compact as 40m2 to 60m2 and two or spacious three-bedroom floor plans with beautiful patios.

What would you like to know about building a granny flat in Northern Illawarra?

When you need more space in your Northern Illawarra space and are considering a granny flat or home extension, it can be challenging to know where to start and confusing trying to find what is feasible and affordable, how much it will cost and how long. can take. We are an Australian family business committed to making working easy and stress-free. Our hand-picked and trusted consultants, designers, and trades provide quality service on every construction and project.

From our show managers to our award-winning carpenters and consulting team, we provide a clear and transparent way to build your dream Granny Flats. Our passion for what we do means that our projects are delivered on time, on budget, and with no hidden costs.

The first part of your journey is an important step, so take the time to do it properly, research, and talk to experts – and any question you ask, we are here to help, looking forward to a good reception. or in a person.

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