How To Get Spotify Receipts Using Viral Receipts App?

How To Get Spotify Receipts Using Viral Receipts App?

Have you ever wondered what your Spotify listening might appear like within the shape of a broken shop receipt? Thanks for the receipt, you could make it in seconds!

Part of the amusing of using Spotify is seeing how your music tastes exchange through the years, and way to a internet site, you may flip your listening conduct right into a virtual receipt. One of the quality features of Spotify is Spotify Wrapped. At the stop of every 12 months, Spotify Wrapped collects all of your listening from the previous yr, analyzes it, and offers you your biggest and most interesting stats – like how much time you spent paying attention to tune, your favored songs, New artists you determined, and many others. But Wrapped happens only once in step with 12 months. What in case you need to peer those data extra frequently?

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This is where 0.33 birthday celebration websites are available in handy. If you are okay with sharing your Spotify activity with different web sites, there are heaps of a laugh approaches to visualize your listening. Stats For Spotify indicates a simple analysis of your top tracks, artists and genres. Festify turns your listening facts into the festival lineup, while Obscurify helps you to see how vague/random your music alternatives are. Spotify is already collecting and saving your pastime, so you might as nicely get some thing correct out of it.

Another such internet site is Receiptify. As the name implies, Receipt appears at your Spotify interest and turns it into a receipt. If you have ever desired to peer what your Spotify listening might appear like if it had been published on a Walgreens or Target receipt, that is quite much what Receiptify does. Receipt became created by using Michelle Liu in September 2020, with Liu in the beginning announcing it on Twitter, saying, “There turned into an urge to make something today so I spent the day coding it! This is one of your maximum played tracks.” Generates a ‘receipt’ on Aadhaar. Spotify :)).”

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How To Use Receipt To Get Your Own Spotify Receipt?

If you want to create your personal Spotify receipt, Receiptify could be very easy to apply. To get started, open an internet browser to your cellphone/tablet/laptop and go to the Receipt internet site. Click/tap the green ‘Log in to Spotify’ button on the top of the screen, log in to your Spotify account, and verify that you are linking the receipt on your account. Once it’s all carried out, Receipt asks in case you want to peer a Spotify receipt based for your final month, six months, or all-time listening. After deciding on one of the three options, Receipt right now indicates your own Spotify receipt.


The Spotify receipt starts offevolved with a faux order number, your call, and the date of the day at the pinnacle. Below is a listing of your top ten songs, displaying their names and the period of every track. The receipt consists of an ‘item rely’ of your songs, a ‘general’ amount of all songs, a faux card number, and a ‘Thank you for touring!’ Showing summarizes the whole lot. Message at the bottom. With wrinkled receipt paper all textual content displayed, it certainly seems like someone printed an actual receipt for your Spotify account.

Once your Spotify receipt is created, sharing it on social media is a chunk of cake. Select the blue ‘Download Image’ button underneath the receipt to keep it to your tool’s picture library. Then visit your favored social media app, upload the photo and share it like any other picture. Just like that, you’ve created and shared your own Spotify receipt.

Spotify Receiptify: How To Create A Spotify Receipt Primarily Based To Your Favored Songs?

Everyone likes to check their tune behavior from the internal, whether it’s from Spotify Wrapped, Spotify Blend, or more recently, Icebergify. But now we’ve got a new function to get enthusiastic about: receipts.


Here’s how to get a elegant receipt of all of your favored songs, whether you concentrate on Spotify, Apple Music, or Last.Fm.

What Is A Receipt?

Receipt is a internet site and app created by using Michelle Louis. Its advent was inspired through the Instagram account @albumreceipts, in which famous album setlists are provided in receipt format.


You can create even extra personalized versions of your most listened to songs from Spotify, Apple Music, or Last.Fm. If you download the Receipts app, you may even percentage your receipts with other people so you can compare.


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