How to Hide the Title for Selective Pages & Posts of WordPress Bussiness Site

How to Hide the Title for Selective Pages & Posts of WordPress Bussiness Site

Do you want to hide headers for picky WordPress posts and pages?

Headers can be useful wordpress service providers for hunters and callers, but not every page should display a header depending on their wordpress service provider design. In this post, we will show you how to hide headers for certain WordPress posts and pages.

Why disguise the Title on Specific Pages & Posts of WordPress Bussiness Site

When you create a WordPress page or post, the first thing you’ll see is the Add Headers box, where you’ll categorize your headers. Most WordPress themes show this header above the bespoke wordpress development page or post. A descriptive and relevant title can let customers know that they are in the right place and what to expect from this page.

Titles can be useful, but not every page or post needs a title. Your website home page is one common illustration. At other times, you can display the titles of pages in other regions. To illustrate, you can start a landing page with an attractive banner and also display a header at the bottom of the page.

In this companion, we will custom wordpress web design and look at three different styles to hide the header or page in WordPress.

Hide fussy WordPress headers with CSS

You can hide the page or post header by adding a custom CSS rule in your WordPress settings. This system only hides the header from the caller, but still runs the HTML page.

This means that crawlers can still use headers to help them understand your content, which is good custom wordpress development services for your WordPress website SEO and can help you grow your business further. We’ll show you how to hide headers on specific posts or sliders, or on all your posts and sliders.

How to Hide the Header of a Specific WordPress Post or Page Using CSS To hide the header of a page or post using CSS, you just need to know the ID. In your WordPress dashboard, go to Posts All Posts or pages All pages. also find the wordpress service provider page or post where you want to hide the title. You can directly extend this post or a custom wordpress website design page for changes. Now, look at the URL in the address bar of your web browser.

You should visit the “post =” division followed by a digit. For illustration, “post = 100.” This is your message ID. Note this number because you will use it in your CSS code. Now you can go to Appearance” Customize. This launches the WordPress configurator. In the sidebar, just click Fresh CSS. 

You should now see a small tutorial editor. This is where wordpress service provider you will enter your CSS code. However, you should use the following rule if you want to hide the message header. Make wordpress design and development services sure you replace “100” with the message ID you got in the previous step. However, you have to use a slightly different rule if you want to hide the title of the page.

first, make sure you replace “100” with the correct page ID. Following, simply scroll to the top of the page. You can also click the blue Publish button.

Now, when you check the page or the message, the header should disappear.

However, your WordPress theme may use a different CSS class if this system does not work for you. This means your page or post ID will be different from the number shown in the URL.

You must use the Cyber ​​Surfer​​​​​​​​​ developer engine to get the correct ID. To get started, go to a page or publish to your WordPress site. You can also open the developer Press web browser.

This step varies depending on the wordpress service provider internet browser you are using. To illustrate, if you have Chrome, you can also use Control Shift J on Windows or Command Option J on Mac.

Chrome addicts can also control it by clicking anywhere on the page or pole and selecting Browse. However, you can always check the cyber surfer website or the custom wordpress development company‘s official certification for more information if you are not sure how to open Developer Press. In Finder press, click on the icon with three dots. You can also choose Search. You should now see a search bar below the search bar.


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