Illuminated Signs to Go for Restaurants this Spring

Illuminated Signs

Being seen at night is the core of the trade for many cafes and restaurants. The latest LED technology allows for low-cost lighting. Exterior building signage and interior menu boards and slimline poster signs.

In the restaurant industry, it is essential to entice customers to return to your restaurant again and again. For this, you must keep adding items to the menu or offer a special promotion every spring fortnight.

LED signage is an affordable solution for restaurants to be featured with a technology-rich digital display that can handle various functions for all aspects of a restaurant’s business.

Not only are customers impressed by this new technology, but digital illuminated signage also allows restaurant operators to reduce menu printing costs while increasing brand awareness, and promotional items, and changing restaurants faster.

Talk to the best sign makers in UK get total marketing control to make your business stand out from the crowd.

Advantages of Neon Illuminated Restaurant Signs

These are multiple advantages of neon restaurant signage. These features are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Some restaurants, for example, display a sign behind the bar. Some businesses place large signs on their company roofs to ensure visibility from afar.

For decades, neon signs have been very popular and the many notable advantages of neon signs include:

Attract attention

These signs are bright and attract attention regardless of the surrounding lighting conditions.

Neon is bright

Neon stands out because its colors are brighter than conventional displays, and the brightness has also been upgraded. This helps passers-by to notice your business, as well as customers who have decided to visit you.

Energy coherence  

If you’re searching for the most energy-efficient signage, LED lights using signs are the best option. Because LED lights use less electricity than neon lights.

LEDs require only 12 volts while Neon bulbs require 15,000 volts to operate. But if you are considering a large outdoor show and are considering LED or neon, you will save a lot of money in the long run.


Signage experts can create neon restaurant signs to match any logo or design scheme. You can customize it with your company logo, name, slogan, or other relevant information.

Creative freedom in design

This particular advertising medium opens many options for logos and lettering. Organizations can design their illuminated signs in almost any color or shape.

Many neon sign makers in UK have online tools for design work that you can use, and you can do it yourself. On the other hand, you can even find third-party professionals to do just the layout and photography.

Win the nights

If your restaurant works at night hours, neon illuminated signs can allow people to know who and where you are, and whether or not you’re open.

Of course, lighting can illuminate daylight signs, but neon signs are more cost-effective and require significantly less maintenance and upkeep.

Environment friendly

As above you know that neon signs use less energy. If you are still depending on fossil fuel electricity where you are, then using less electricity means a smaller carbon footprint. 

Additionally, because these signs last longer and do not need to be replaced as often, significantly less waste is generated, both in terms of manufacturing and disposal and recycling.

Custom illuminated signs

Signage companies offer a wide variety of illuminated signs, including home décor, weddings, and businesses You can change any caption or quote into a custom illuminated sign. If you have other ideas for your restaurant sign, you can always contact a signage expert. 

  •   Durable

LED Neon Flex is made of high-quality PVC which is fireproof and flexible. Unlike glass illuminated signs, it is shatterproof and easy to handle.

  • Fully customizable

Illuminated signs are fully customizable in color, size, and backboard type. Energy saving and safe

It consumes less energy with 24V/120V input, while glass illuminated requires 3KV-18KV. In addition, it has a lifespan of over 30,000 hours and emits no heat or hazardous gases.

  •  All accessories are included

Each illuminated sign includes a remote or dimmer to adjust brightness settings, however, the illuminated sign comes with a sign hanging and wall mounting kit to easily mount or hang the illuminated character.


All of these illuminated sign ideas can be designed to meet your particular goals. However, there are different ways to illuminate each. Illuminated signage requires electrical expertise for technical accuracy, safety, and permit purposes. Your signage experts can coordinate power requirements as needed.



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