Our decorating ideas for a cocooning bedroom

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Feeling good in your room is essential: you try to recreate a calm and soothing atmosphere, like the nights you want to spend there. To transform your bedroom into a veritable temple of cocooning, follow the guide: from living room rugs to bed linen, we have prepared a selection of cosy decorations that will make you want to stay there all day.

Who says bedroom says comfort, softness and well-being: if there is a room on which we must insist on cocooning, it is this one! From colours to materials and lighting, the choice of decoration is essential in a bedroom since you will spend a good part of your night there and a few hours of naps or rest here and there. The bedroom should be a calming and pleasant room where you feel good.

To help you create pretty decor in your bedroom, we have prepared a selection of the most beautiful cocooning pieces spotted at ManoMano. Follow the leader.

Bedroom: the BA-BA of cocooning

With the fashion of cocooning, we forget too garish colours or too busy tapestries that may give you headaches. For perfect harmony, the colours must coordinate. It is best to bet on a neutral dominant (light or dark) to create a warm atmosphere.

The ideal shades for a cocooning bedroom are white, light grey, pastel shades, water green, navy blue, or beige. The lighter the dominant colour, the brighter your room will be. If your room is not very well-lit, go for white paint!

However, nothing prevents you from adopting a few brightly coloured accessories, such as pillowcases, a plaid, a vase, a clock or printed pieces such as cushions, bed linen or candles, to give relief.

On the floor, we recommend the essential soft and fluffy carpet. Ethnic, faux fur, shaggy, geometric, Kilim, Berber, or Scandinavian, It has the advantage of dressing up the space, warming up the atmosphere and making you want to get comfortable when you take off your slippers. To be placed in the middle of the room if you have a large bedroom or just in front of the bed to enjoy it as soon as you wake up. It’s up to you.

Light colours, soft lighting and pilou-pilou

On the light side, replace your floor lamp with small light sources, more soothing than a sizeable bright light! Garlands fixed to the wall, sconces or bedside lamps next to the bed… you can easily choose the intensity of your lighting and create a zen and subdued atmosphere. Delicate suspensions will also be your best allies.


Also, take an interest in the bed, the centrepiece of your bedroom! A coloured duvet cover (but always in a soft hue) or a patterned one will boost your room without overloading your decoration. You can also bet on the bedspread or a pretty faux fur throw, for example: convenient for sprucing up the bed while warming our toes.

Finally, for a cocooning atmosphere, play on the accumulation of cushions with mismatched patterns (geometric, bohemian, exotic…): it will be perfect for giving allure to your bed or armchair while bringing a note of fantasy to this cosy little corner!

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