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How to Get to the Top of Google’s First Page

1.Internal linking

Internal linking strategically connects pages where it makes sense for visitors. It’s not simply connecting pages SEO services India.

Internal linking is one of the simplest ways to improve your search engine rating. Google evaluates your site based on its internal linking structure. The better Google understands it, the higher you’ll rank.

Strategically connecting your sites may help you create topical authority for your important issues, boosting the likelihood that Google will rank you higher for those topics.

Instead, search for ways to improve a user’s landing page.

Your consumers and search engines will benefit from more relevant content (and for the same reason: more benefit to their users).

Strategic interlinking tells Google you have complete coverage of the issue, giving them confidence that people they send to your site will be pleased.

Search Engine Journal offers additional internal linking strategies.

2. Find threshold pages

Threshold pages are right below page one (traditionally, positions 11 through 20).

  • With little tinkering, they may go up to the “money” positions of the first page.
  • Getting them to page one is simpler than ranking fresh material.
  • Start by segmenting your rank monitoring tool for sites with 11–20 keyword positions.

In Minutes, Scan Your Website

Get reports on your site’s crawl ability, internal linking, speed & performance, and more.

Sort by search volume to get the best results.

Apply the other methods in this post to get them to page one.

3. Study rival content

If your vital pages aren’t making page one, you must recognize that others have something you don’t.

We don’t know all the reasons Google ranks those sites above yours, but many things may be obvious under cross-examination.

You should compare your landing page to those of the top results. Each competitive page should answer these questions.

Is the material superior (more thorough, authoritative without talking over the viewer, more relevant information and sources)?


  • Does it have keywords/topics you don’t?
  • Does it have better internal links? Link to it?
  • Is the backlink profile greater and/or better?
  • Does it provide visitor-friendly “extras”? (images, charts, videos, tables, etc.)

While you shouldn’t imitate the sites outranking you, what they’re doing might give suggestions on how to enhance your page.

4. Prioritize important pages in navigation

This strategy may help your most significant pages, but not all of them.

Google evaluates a page’s relevance by its internal navigation distance from the main page.

Your homepage has the most external links and best page authority.

This link equity flows to other pages connected from the homepage, with those linked directly gaining the most.

Page One Google SEO services India Tips

Moving important pages closer to the main page will boost their authority and rank.

5. Mobile-friendly website

If you haven’t already, make your site mobile-friendly.

We’ve passed the threshold where most searches start on mobile.

Mobile-friendliness is part of the Page Experience upgrade, so Google will favour mobile-ready content for mobile searches.

Increasing your site’s usability will help Google’s search ranking algorithms.

6. Increase links

Google has given us more to examine in terms of rank ability (content quality and relevance, semantic and entity connections, and more), but backlinks remain significantly connected with page rankings.

Earning links implies generating strong, authoritative content that other sites will want to connect to, whereas developing links requires actively pursuing relevant links from trustworthy sites.

See Search Engine Journal’s link building checklist to understand how to create more links to your pages.

7. Featured Snippets

Getting ahead requires hard labor. Sometimes you can skip forward.

Google Search’s Featured Snippets feature promotes one of the top results to the top of the page.

While the rich snippet sample may fulfill the searcher’s query, many SEO services India say Featured Snippets attract a lot of traffic since consumers want to know more.

There’s no certain method to obtain a Featured Snippet, but these tips may help.

Variations of your term in Google search might help you find chances. SEO tools automatically find these chances. Most Featured Snippets are for informative keywords or questions.

Observe the structure of Featured Snippets. Table, paragraph, bullet list, video, or other? While it’s not required to follow the format, it may show you what Google favors for this query.

Check the query’s top page. See how you can enhance it so Google will include it.

  • Google needs clear, succinct, and accurate material for Featured Snippets.
  • Refresh past performers
  • Successful content has this lifecycle:
  • Page One Google SEO Tips
  • After publication, content rankings and traffic rise.
  • Over time, its traffic will dwindle.

Possible causes:

  • Others have released better, more authoritative material.
  • The inquiry has evolved.
  • There are strategies to resuscitate your content’s earning potential in the SERPs.

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