Pitchers With the Hardest Fastballs of All-Time

Top 10 Pitchers With the Hardest Fastballs of All-Time

Pitchers With Hardest Fastballs of All-Time

While playing the baseball you need have a good arm speed and how fast you can throw the ball . Well today we will bring you the list of some Hardest Fastballs of All-Time in Major League Baseball. In baseball, the pitcher is the player who throws the baseball from the pitcher’s mound toward the catcher to begin each play, with the goal of retiring a batter. So check out some of the fastball’s of all time in Baseball ever thrown.

Top 10 Pitchers With the Hardest Fastballs of All-Time
Pitcher Year Speed (MPH)
Nolan Ryan 1974 108.1 MPH
Bob Feller 1946 107.6 MPH
Aroldis Chapman 2010 105.1 MPH
Joel Zumaya 2006 104.8 MPH
Neftali Feliz 2010 103.4 MPH
Andrew Cashner 2012 103.3 MPH
Henry Rodríguez 2010 103.2 MPH
Bob Turley 1954 103.2 MPH
Mark Wohlers 1995 103 MPH
Kelvin Herrera 2012 102.8 MPH

Henry Rodríguez : Washington Nationals : 103.2 MPH:
Henry Rodríguez holds the record of the hardest fastball in the MLB while playing for the team of the Washington Nationals. He is one of the best paid pitchers in Major league baseball today .

Nolan Ryan : California Angels : 108.1 MPH :
The maximum hardest fastball record is scored by the legend “Nolan Ryan” when he played for the team of the California Angels . He created this record in 1974 and no one get closer to his record so far. Pitchers With Hardest Fastballs . MLB players salaries reported for year 2022.

Bob Feller : Cleveland Indians : 107.6 MPH :
Bob Feller one of the big names from the baseball sports , he is an outstanding pitcher of his times , he died December 15, 2010 but his record of hardest fastball still remain’s on top at 2nd position with 107.6 MPH speed. More details about top sports deals check sportspayouts.

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