Signs of a Toxic Relationship and Recommendations to Overcome

10 signs you are in a toxic relationship

We have to start this section by clarifying something significant: we are not perfect.

We are in this life to learn to improve our interpersonal and personal relationships and to be better every day than we were in the past. Having bad attitudes, on some occasions, does not make us bad people, just as being suitable to everyone, always does not guarantee that we are good. There are nuances, there are, and you can learn from everything.

We clarify this because, at some point in life, we have all had toxic attitudes: the fundamental thing is to learn that they are wrong and harm us and can harm us and those we love.

Once this is clarified, we present some signs to identify if you have a toxic relationship in your life:

  1. He thinks that you are hiding something from him, doing your privacy. Check your WhatsApp, social networks, email, and statement, or ask you for explosions about invoices.
  2. It bothers him that you spend time with friends, family, and coworkers.
  3. He invalidates your opinions, makes hurtful jokes about your appearance, and makes you feel bad about yourself.
  4. He manipulates and emotionally blackmails you into doing exactly what they want.
  5. He constantly compares you with previous partners.
  6. You begin to notice that you have sex with this person to please them and not because you want to.
  7. You avoid mentioning specific topics because you know the toxic person will take them badly, and they can start a fight.
  8. Make decisions that affect both of you without asking for your opinion or consulting you.
  9. It requires you to perform sexual practices that you do not like.
  10. He belittles you and makes you understand that you could not get ahead without them.

6 recommendations to overcome a toxic relationship

Getting to the point where you know those relationships exist and need to get them out of your life is pretty tricky. Here we leave you a series of recommendations to overcome it and avoid repeating patterns in the future:

  1. Acknowledge the problem. The first step is the most difficult: identify and accept what is happening, and be clear that you are in a situation that is not good for you and that you will have to get out of it.
  2. Strengthen your self-confidence. Indeed, if you have been through a toxic situation, you have been hurt, destroyed, and with your self-esteem on the ground. The truth isYoue the time necessary to heal and regain the confidence to avoid falling into a toxic relationship later.
  3. Cut the relationship. It’s not a see you later; it’s a final goodbye. You have to understand that the best thing is that there is no turning back, that there is no reconciliation, that there are no negotiations, that there is nothing. It is best to cut to the chase and say goodbye.
  4. Talk to people close to you. Your friends, family, family, and are not only there for the light moments, but they are also ones. It is good and comforting to have your support. Remember to openly express to them what you need from them (since no one reads minds), and receive the support and comfort you need.
  5. Seek professional help. We can all handle everything, but it is also very wise to ask for help when there are things that we do not know how to solve on our own. We must be clear that this knot of ideas, feelings, and sensations, among other things, we have to untie ourselves. Having the hA psychologist’s helpful help since they can guide us through that process.
  6. Set new goals. Let’s be honest; this is going to hurt. We don’t know for how long; there will be good days and bad days; there will be light and darkness. The crucial thing is to go through the process as best you can and not get bogged down in pain unless that’s what you need to feel that day. We recommend setting new goals to distract your mind and realize that you can do this and much more. You have the help of the most crucial person in your life: yourself.

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