Tips for Buying Quality N95 face masks for covid 19

N95 face masks

The prevailing Covid-19 pandemic has made wearing the surgical or medical face mask a necessity. Thus, the demand for N95 facemasks is there among people of all ages. Yet, one cannot guarantee the facemask you buy is N95 type. The alphabet ‘N’ here is the respirator rating letter class, and here it means Not Resistant to Oil. We have given some tips to buy the best N95 facemask from online and retail shops.

Why wear an N95 Facemask?

face masks online
face masks online

N95 face masks give 95% protection from cross-contamination in the air. The Coronavirus spread through the air, and one needs to wear a facemask that adheres to the standards approved by the WHO or world health organization. Yet, many of the nations do approve by their health department or ministry.

Today, wearing non-approved facemasks is punishable, or must have to pay the penalty for Covid-19 rules violations. Wearing an N95 facemask to keep away from Coronavirus infection, which is a deadly Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 or SARS. Therefore, wear a facemask in your home and while going outside to prevent the inhaling of Corona Virus, which spreads through the air by the infected people sneezing or coughing. Thus the air you breathe matters during the pandemic.

Reusable Unisex Face Mask

It will be better to use a reusable N95 facemask, not more than thrice. Washing them will cause wear and tear of the cotton. Moreover, it is not hygienic to wear one facemask for a month, as it is reusable and washable. N95 face masks are sold in the name of washable and reusable. It is advisable to buy branded facemasks to prevent C-19 deadly infectious diseases.

N95 Facemask without Valve

N95 face masks with valves are prohibited in many countries. Many local manufacturers sell them at a higher price as they are hygienic and supply air circulation. Yet, you need to wear a mask to protect yourself from air-borne infections. A facemask with a valve does not give such protections. Thus, you have to avoid N95 facemasks with valve soled online or buy from a nearby vendor.

5 Layers N95 Face Mask

The non-certified facemask manufacturers for industrial and medical use do not follow the protocols or conditions in manufacturing the N95 facemask. Thus, it will help you if you do not buy an N95 facemask from a nearby shop and street vendor. They might sell non-branded or locally manufactured facemasks. The original N95 facemask has the following layers.

  • 2-layers of non-woven fabrics
  • 2-layers of melt-blown fabrics
  • 1-layer of reusable activated carbon cotton fabric

The certified manufacturer uses 100% pure cotton. They give protection from the following elements.

  • Air Dusts
  • Air born Allergens
  • Anti-odor
  • Fog Haze
  • Splattering liquids through sneezing or coughing

You can find 3-layer and 5-layer facemasks. Nowadays, it is advisable to wear a 5-layer mask. The authorized medical brand facemask manufacturers supply the 5-layers facemasks. You can find such details on the pack. You buy bulk quantities as your family members need them, and you have to keep an additional facemask as stock in your hand.


N95 face masks prevent COVID-19 infection. Thus, purchase them in single or in bulk quantities from branded medical facemask manufacturers. It will help you if you check for authorized medical certifications on the pack. People are advised not to compromise on price. An N95 facemask might be thrice the price higher than other locally made facemasks available in your area. It is advisable to wear an N95 facemask and be away from this deadly virus infection.

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