Top 6 Facts About Areola Restoration

Areola restoration is a surgery performed to reconstruct the nipple and areola. It is done separately, usually 3-4 months after initial breast reconstruction.

Your areola should be similar in size, shape, texture, and color to your natural areola. To achieve this, surgeons use grafts and tattooing.

It’s a Natural Feature

Areola restoration, also known as nipple simulation, is a natural feature tattooing can achieve. It’s a beneficial technique for women who have undergone breast reconstruction and want to create a more realistic appearance.

It also helps to camouflage scars from any surgery. It is a highly sought-after procedure because of the extremely natural-looking results. Clients often tell us that this process puts the final touch on their recovery.

It’s Effective

Areola restoration at Laguna Med Spa, also called re-pigmentation, minimizes the appearance of areola scarring. It can be an effective option for women with mastectomy or breast reconstruction.

Areola re-pigmentation uses cosmetic tattoo techniques to create the natural look of an areola and minimizes surgical scars if any are present. In addition, the process is safe and highly effective.

It’s Safe

Areola restoration is a safe option for breast cancer women looking to rebuild their nipples. It can be performed six months after primary breast reconstruction surgery.

It involves constructing a new nipple and areola using skin grafts harvested from the inner thigh. These grafts tend to heal darker than skin from the breast area and can better match your natural areola.

It’s Affordable

After significant breast surgeries, many women want to restore the symmetry of their areolas. 3D areola tattooing can accomplish this goal with a low cost and minimal risk.

This procedure has become a popular choice for many women. It offers a more natural, flattering look without the pain and recovery of surgery.

It’s Versatile

Areola restoration is a versatile option for women recovering from breast cancer. It can be the best way to enhance your breasts while restoring self-confidence.

Certified permanent cosmetics artists use micropigmentation and other tweezer-worthy techniques to achieve the best areola tattoo for your body shape. They’ll also look at your natural skin tone to determine what colors compliment you best.

It’s Fast

After breast surgery, some women want a more natural look for their areolas and nipples. It is why areola restoration (also known as nipple tattooing) is becoming a popular option.

This procedure can restore an areola and the nipple to its original size, shape, and color. In addition, it can add the illusion of nipple protrusion.

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