Top Examples of Responsive Web Design List

Searching for web design inspiration is a challenging task. It is very tough for beginners to find relevant web design trends that work for their business. 

In this blog, we will share top inspiring website design examples for services, law, Restaurants, Fashion, products, and many other types of businesses. 


Top notch web design inspiration can help you in designing a unique website for your business. A good website design can show that your brand is credible, professional, and trustworthy. 

Here, we shortlisted 10 outstanding web design examples with designs that inspire you to design your business site. So, let’s start the journey of finding the design elements you like and then get ready to create online stores.

Top Example of Web Design Inspiration in 2022

As you know, all business is not the same. That’s why we search the various website galleries for unique and workable web design examples. In this web design gallery, you can find top web designers and developers work and what is best for your site and what is not. 


#1 Millaw Kids Online Store: eCommerce Web design Example

Many small businesses that sell products only have a small range, like this cute children’s clothing store. If your brand is the same, take advantage of the main page.

This eCommerce website displays its adorable products right below the main image, so potential customers are immediately drawn to purchases.

Each page has a minimalist web design inspiration that reflects the values ​​of this small company. If yours has a simple goal, don’t be afraid to create a simple corporate website.

Pro Tip:  Fill your small business eCommerce website with many professional High Quality photos that do the talking, especially if you don’t have much to say.

#2 Seaworthy Seafood Restaurant: Restaurant Web design Example

This web design inspiration features a restaurant in New Orleans. The website uses custom typeface, close-up photography, and sweet illustrations to bring the realistic view to the website. 

So, If any potential customers can visit the website, they can’t  leave this beautiful one-page website without reserving a table. 

Pro Tip:  Use a professional website for your small business to promote another small business. Do you know a great local illustrator? Ask him to produce some custom graphics.

#3 Forrest eCommerce: Small Business Web design Example

Some of the best small business websites, like Forrest online store. It is a niche specific website that sells coffee, candles, and honey.

In this web design, we love the hover effect on the product home page, which incorporates animations around the calls to action to grab the visitor’s attention.

This brand does a great job of bringing together three very different categories through the use of pastel colors, sharp photography, and clever design.

Pro Tip:  If your business is unique like this example then let your product line inspire the color palette on your small business website. 

#4 Nalen Ayurveda: Product Business Profile Web Design Example

This business website is a prime example of a subtle responsive design. Users can interact with the web using their cursor from the top bar to the product thumbnails.

In this web design inspiration the subtlety is the main element in web design that reflects the brand’s uniqueness. In fact, the colors match those used on the product’s packaging.

An impressive hero section is essential for any corporate website – this is the first part people see. Get them noticed, like this site, with solid branding and images.

Pro Tip: Swap photos with illustrations as a way to inject a little extra personality into your small business website. 

#5 Stounson: Unique eCommerce Web Design Example 

If you are serious about creating a minimalist website and have amazing products, get inspired by this eCommerce.

With a featured products section you can see bold colors that attract the visitors attention. 

It’s a good web design inspiration for a brand that already has customers or social media followers who already know who you are?

Pro Tip: It’s always hard for businesses to stand out, so only go minimal in that way your target audience finds your website easy to use. 

#6 Entrance: Real estate Web Design Example 

This Sweden-based real estate company puts featured photography at the center of its website design. Take a look at the high-impact home page. With a horizontally sliding image platform taking over the entire screen, it makes sense for the website to use understated white typography.

The result is a professional design that will grab visitors attention on the website. After all, Who says all real estate deals should look the same?

Pro Tip:  If you’re using full-page photos to help your business stand out, make sure your page load speed is blazingly fast.

#7 Let’s Hair: Minimalist Hair Fashion Web Design Example

This small business website has many different purposes: it offers services, sells products, and includes a blog. But everything is clear about the design.

Using a sophisticated palette with beautiful images overlaid with bold fonts, the website directs potential customers to the brand’s core services from the landing page.

Meanwhile, users can find the store and blog through the navigation bar. This is an outstanding web design inspiration for organizing your website when you have a lot of content to share.

Pro Tip:  Use the same website design elements on every page, including features like the blog, contact page, and product page. 

#8 Zenefits: IT Service Web Design Example

The home page of this professional software website takes responsive design to the next level. Users get a full product demo by simply scrolling.

This is a great web design inspiration for a bespoke web design and development process, so if you are paying professional web developers to create your business website, then tell them to add these features in your website. 

Using vibrant colors on a mostly white background, this information-packed website design is guaranteed to impress other businesses. 

Pro Tip:  Create and refine a flowchart to visualize what your brand’s scrollable product demo might look like; don’t overload people with too much detail.

#9 White & Case: Web Design Example for Law Firm

When you think of designing legal websites, what comes into your mind: They’re Boring, Right? That is not always true; this web design inspiration can prove it. Take a look at the spectacular full-page photos that fill the main page.

If you want your business to be taken seriously, you don’t need to simplify the message you post on your website; just simplify your web design.

This business website uses bright white text, minimalist navigation, and a library of high-contrast landscape images. This gives a serious but elegant look to this website. 

Pro Tip:  Add authority to a small business website by using high-quality photos. 

#10 Upkey: Tool Web Design Example 

This web design inspiration is best for your small business website and creates a design that won’t look out of place on a popular startup website – use UpKey for inspiration.

Providing professional tools to students, the company uses its home page and a variety of custom illustrations to describe the user journey. That way, users are hooked from the start.

Clean and bright contrasting colors make the website feel super professional and trustworthy enough for customers to buy the digital products from the website.

Pro Tip: while designing any website consider the psychology of color in your website design according to your business and Industry. 

Wrapping words

In this digital world, finding web design inspiration is not like burning a candle in the rain. You can take help from top Website galleries on the internet. 

Apart from this, you can also explore top web design galleries- TopCSSGallery.

This is one of the leading web design CSS galleries that can always list top web design inspiration from experienced web designers.

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