Vibhu Agarwal: Content Everywhere means Great Complexity

Vibhu Agarwal is the founder and CEO of the ULLU App and Atrangii. In 2018, he entered the OTT realm and released an unconventional OTT App, ULLU.

The age of on-demand content has arrived and consumers are increasingly accessing media away from their couches and into the comfort of their personalised 5+ inch screens. Furthermore, that screen is no longer restricted to the elite, as video is rapidly becoming mainstream, and as consumption grows, OTT consumers will demand seamless access to services, compelling stories, and value for money. Vibhu Agarwal the Founder and Group CEO of Ullu&Atrangii, observes the complexities this will bring and suggests additional solutions.

“Platforms would need to have an intuitive understanding of what consumers want without the users having to ask for it. When it comes to running a streaming business, there is a consistent paradigm for success that all OTT services, both consumer and operator, should adhere to: Content + Distribution + Experience,” says Vibhu Agarwal, the Founder and Group CEO of Ullu&Atrangii. The concept is straightforward: Distribution– expands your potential total addressable market, Experience – provides an excellent user experience, and Content must be compelling.

This direct-to-consumer (D2C) concept is not unique to the TV & Media industry, but there is one inherent challenge in the world we live in – massive fragmentation. The sheer number of consumer electronic devices and operator hardware options, combined with a dizzying array of software options, creates an exponentially complex problem in this industry more than any other.

Subsequently, the rapid proliferation of connected devices, combined with increasingly better access to fast reliable internet has contributed to the rapid adoption of OTT services. Viewing mediums for video-specific applications include mobile, tablet, and (especially) TV. Distribution is critical, and this is not a new paradigm. Traditional Pay-TV operators controlled content distribution through their cable networks and eventually, their leased set-top boxes.

An interactive video app could run on any device that has a screen, a development environment, and an internet connection. “In general, there are two types of devices targeted for video consumption: connected devices (or consumer electronics) and set-top boxes. When you double-click on a category, you can see how complex it is,” informs Vibhu Agarwal, the Founder and Group CEO of Ullu&Atrangii.

There are a dozen or so primary connected-TV devices/platforms that currently account for the vast majority of household penetration. The hardware distribution options for set-top boxes are exponentially more numerous and complex.

Vibhu Agarwal Ullu ‘s CEO concludes that accessing these devices is difficult due to proprietary middleware software, limited memory availability, and CPU constraints. To meet modern OTT distribution requirements, we need a strategy and technology that can scale with ambitions of customers.

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