Watch football for free online using IPTV

Football for Free Online – New measures to put an end to illegal football broadcasts using IPTV have made an appearance in Italy and their performance is exceptional.

IPTV is a television system in which Inter Protocol (IP) is used to broadcast the different television content instead of using the typical signals of traditional television such as cable or satellites. Users access television content through the Internet connection they have at home .

Taking into account the operation of IPTV, everything should be good news since it represents a great advance when it comes to enjoying the content broadcast by television channels. What happens is that IPTV is bringing different image rights companies around the world upside down.

And, it is that, the IPTV operating system is perfect for content piracy of all kinds and, above all, sporting events such as the Qatar 2022 World Cup . Over the past few months we have seen the fighting become more and more fierce and now it seems that Italy has the upper hand .

In the last few hours, a new campaign has come to light to block IPTV channels , IPTV content , IPTV lists and, logically, any illegal use that is given to IPTV technology. This new campaign aims to eliminate once and for all the illegal consumption of sporting events and, therefore, put an end to watching football for free on IPTV.

Italy against IPTV would make free online football have a burial date

The plans of the Italian administration go through getting the pages that use IPTV to broadcast soccer matches illegally to close immediately and without having to wait days until the claim for rights becomes effective. These blocks can take up to 30 minutes to become effective .

At a general level, the action is extremely fast and, in fact, puts at risk the existence of IPTV channels , IPTV content and IPTV lists that are dedicated to broadcasting football illegally. The measure has managed to block up to 3,000 domains to date , although the number continues to grow as the days go by.

Despite the fact that Italy is a few hours away, the application and proper functioning of its blocking system for illegal IPTV content could lead to a similar situation being established in Spain. The future is the only one that has the answers so we will be attentive to see how the situation progresses.

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