Ways To Save Money On Car Shipping

Saving money is a popular goal. Saving money is always a smart idea, whether you’re just buying groceries or expensive clothes or plane tickets. So it makes sense that people would want to export a car for less money. Would you not?

Car transporter in the port of Cagliari, Sardinia Island, Italy

Saving money is, of course, easier said than done. Sometimes, the only option you have, if you want the services supplied, is to pay the market amount. But the majority of the time, you can at least do something to save some money.


We’ll discuss some of the main ways consumers can save money on car shipping in this blog post. Additionally, we’ll discuss some common misunderstandings about the business and point out instances when clients believe they can save money on car shipping but find that things don’t always turn out as planned.


So keep reading to learn how to save money on car shipping using Rapid Auto Shipping.




The overall cost of shipping an automobile is significantly influenced by the season. The price to ship a car will increase the closer one gets to peak car shipping season, which runs from April to September. On the East Coast, snowbirds are tied to a specific seasonality. Call your shipper earlier than usual if you know when you will be making your migration many months in advance. If an early shipment could help you save some money, ask. It has a significant chance of being advantageous. Those who have several vehicles and want to leave one behind that can be temporarily used to meet the needs of the family may find that this cost-saving strategy works best for them. Speaking of folks who own many vehicles.


Be flexible


While timing is important, not everyone has the ability to advance or postpone a shipping date by a month or more. Being flexible with the precise dates, though, can benefit your pricing if you can. After the first available delivery date, it usually takes 1 to 5 business days to pick up a vehicle. To give your shipper more time to find a carrier, try to be more flexible with timing and the dates on which your automobile can be picked up. That could reduce your expenses.

Transporting a Smaller Vehicle


Consider sending the smaller car rather than the larger one if you have many vehicles but only intend to ship one. In other words, drive the CR-V and leave the Suburban. The cost to export different-sized vehicles varies. Transporting larger, heavier trucks often costs more. The highest price increases are found in very large automobiles. Choose your smallest car to ship whenever it is practical. Having said that, resist the urge to bring a tape measure to the driveway. There is no discernible pricing difference between comparable automobiles.


Ship Multiple Cars


If you have more than one car, you can save money by having them all sent by the same business rather than delaying the transportation of the second vehicle. If you ask a company to ship two or three of your autos, they might even go so far as to give you a discount.


That’s because they won’t have to pick up many vehicles by going to various homes or ports.


Choose open carriers


There is no reason why you shouldn’t choose open carriers if your car is not a high-end sports car, an antique or historic car, or one that needs privacy from prying eyes. In actuality, closed carriers are the preferred mode of transportation for the majority of auto transport businesses.


You may pay more than 50% more for closed carriers compared to the standard open carrier option. However, they provide your car with greater security and are operated by highly skilled and knowledgeable drivers. Additionally, when being transported, they shield your car from weather conditions including rain, grit, dust, and snow.


An open carrier, however, is not as harmful to your car as you may believe. Even though your car will be outside in the elements, harm to it is extremely unlikely. The best auto shipping businesses do all possible to keep your vehicle safe during the voyage.


Unless it’s a fancy car or a collector, you shouldn’t be concerned about its condition.

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