What Are the Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card?

Medical marijuana has been shown to help with many different ailments and conditions, but it’s not without its drawbacks. If you’re considering getting your card certification or just want some information on how the pros handle this situation then read below.

The positive aspects of being a medical user are that there aren’t very many restrictions as compared to other prescription drugs; users don’t need prior permission from their doctor since they will likely be able to obtain them at local dispensaries anyway.

Furthermore no significant side effects have been reported thus far which means these medications could actually give relief where traditional ones failed. The laws surrounding the use of medical marijuana can be confusing, so we compiled all relevant information for each state that currently has an approved program. Read this post to know about the price of MMJ cards in Florida

The Many Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card

Being a medical marijuana cardholder is something that comes with many benefits. Legalization has opened up doors to new opportunities and allows those who hold cards access permits. Cultivation licenses as well as health care providers who will be able help you manage your symptoms more effectively.

  • You are under the protection of the law.

There are many people who live in states where medical marijuana is not yet legal but still have it on their property for personal use. If you’re stopped by law enforcement while carrying any amount of this plant, be sure to politely explain how much assistance they might need before releasing anything from your possession.

Just because it’s medicinal doesn’t mean that everything else about these plants should also become public knowledge. Medical marijuana is a great treatment option for many people with chronic pain, nausea and other illnesses. 

It’s important to know the laws around medical cannabis so that you can responsibly use your medication without getting into legal trouble. Make sure when in possession of any products from our state licensed dispensaries or carrying an amount within their legally defined limits always carry your up-to-date card on hand too just in case things get tricky.

  • Marijuana Is Getting Cheaper

Medical marijuana patients in Washington state pay less or sometimes even incur no taxes on their plant medicine. The rate of taxation for recreational weed is 35%, which makes it more expensive than most other states where they charge lower rates like Oregon at only 15%.

Medical marijuana patients often find themselves with a lower overall bill when it comes time for their cannabis products. Find out more about the difference in tax rates between recreational and medical use by reading our guide here.

  • Possession Limits of Higher Values

Medical marijuana is a hot topic, and the laws surrounding it vary from state-to-state. In some cases recreational use of cannabis remains illegal in all 50 states. 

While others have introduced medical programs that provide an allowance for patients who require it as part of their treatment regimen or condition rehabilitation plan, there’s always going to be consequences if you’re caught with this stuff.

  • Increased growth potential

The right to cultivate one’s own medical marijuana plants is a privilege that not all Americans have. Some states offer patients with select conditions the opportunity, while others do not and even those who do may face legal consequences.

If they proceed without an extensive understanding of how their local laws work in relation both personally as well as regarding cultivation options like indoor vs. outdoor pots and grow areas.

Check your state’s laws to see if marijuana cultivation is only allowed for medical patients with cards. Some states strictly limit how much you can grow, so make sure that it will still be legal in any situation before getting started.

Disadvantages of a Medical Marijuana Card

  • It is Illegal to Purchase a Firearm

Gun Control Act of 1968 – This federal law has been on the books since 1968 and was designed to control access for those who may be prone toward drugs or mental illness. The legislation creates separate classes based upon an individual’s status, such as being addicted/mentally incompetent so they cannot own guns without proper supervision from doctors’ approval etc.

It’s important you know your rights under this act before trying any sort of funny business at local gun shops. While it’s possible to get around federal restrictions by using marijuana as a defense in court and proving an affirmative legal argument for why you should be allowed firearms, doing so is not recommended. 

After all even though medical weed has been legalized at the state level cannabis users are still prohibited from owning guns under current law.

  • Driving Restrictions

Marijuana use is banned from driving all across America and anyone who smokes marijuana will have their CDL revoked. They could also face fines or even jail time for disobeying these laws.

Marihuana causes drivers to be just as impaired when they’re sitting at home than if there were cocktails parties inside them. But it doesn’t stop us. Society still views this plant differently than alcohol does so don’t expect any special treatment because you had some weed.

The legal limit for marijuana in the blood varies by state. In some cases, it’s been outright banned and at other times just a few Nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) is considered enough to get you charged with impaired driving even if there are no symptoms present.

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