What to Know About Mountain Biking Skill Training

Mountain biking is a highly technical sport that relies on skill training. This is particularly true for cornering, technical descents, and jumps. These are common weaknesses for beginner and intermediate riders but can be easily worked on with basic mountain bike skill drills. This is an incredibly rewarding way to continue riding and enjoy it more.


Know Your Bike

Whether you’re a seasoned mountain biker or an off-road beginner, MTB skill training can improve your riding and confidence. Developing technical skills such as carrying speed through steep sections, navigating roots and rocks, or climbing switchbacks is essential for making your rides more rewarding. In addition, learning how to properly shift your weight and transfer energy from your pedals to your rear wheel is a vital bike-handling skill that will significantly improve your overall speed and performance on rough trails.


Know Your Trail

One great way to improve your MTB skills is by doing repeated timed runs of short yet technical sections. This exercise is used by the world’s fastest riders and will develop your control, composure and line choice throughout the runs. Practicing flat/off-camber turns is another excellent way to strengthen the ability to ride cleanly on these challenging corners. A stopwatch will allow you to compare your technique and spot errors quickly. It is good to check websites like Train to Ride for more information about MTB.


Know Yourself

It can be overwhelming if you are new to mountain biking and have never been a skilled rider. You can get frustrated if you aren’t progressing quickly, and you may feel like there is no hope of ever getting better at the sport.

However, there are things you can do to increase your confidence on the bike and develop skills. One of the best ways to do this is to find a group of friends you enjoy riding with. Another great way to grow as a mountain biker is to take a skill training class. This will help you learn to ride more technical trails and increase your confidence.


Know Your Gear

One of the most important ways to improve your mountain bike skills is by understanding what gears you will need on the trail and how to shift those gears. Having the right gear can save you a lot of energy, especially on steep climbs and when pedaling up a hill on sand or other soft surfaces. It also helps keep your derailleurs, cassette cogs, and chainrings healthy.

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