When is it Time to Hand Over Your PPC? 4 Telltale Signs

Maintaining PPC campaigns in-house provides control and avoids agency fees. But as accounts grow or underperform over time, switching to expert PPC management often becomes necessary. Here are four signs that indicate it may be time to hand the reins over to seasoned PPC professionals.

1. Ballooning Costs Without Added Value

Healthy PPC delivers targeted traffic at profitable CPC and conversion rates. But if costs are rising while conversion value plateaus, your team likely lacks optimization expertise. Symptoms include:

  • CPCs creeping up over time without improvements in conversion value
  • Spending more on underperforming campaigns without impact
  • New campaign launches failing to gain traction

Specialist PPC agencies have the advanced analytics chops and optimization experience to diagnose underperformance and enhance ROI. Their management can stop overspending and kickstart growth through superior account structures, bidding strategies, landing pages, testing, and ongoing fine-tuning.

2. Stagnant Campaign Innovation

Does your PPC feel dated and stale? Running the same keywords, ads, targets, and placements for months indicates a lack of optimization. Savvy agencies continuously test new channels, creatives, and tactics to drive incremental performance.

In-house teams often get stuck in a rut of managing accounts without innovation. But external experts introduce emerging best practices tailored to your goals like new bidding algorithms, incremental remarketing, dynamic ads, and more. They inject new thinking where internal staff just maintains the status quo.

3. Missing Advanced Analytics

Cutting-edge analytics informs strategic PPC decisions. Lacking essential reporting tools like Google Analytics, Optmyzr, Swydo, custom dashboards, and more severely restricts performance insights and optimization opportunities.

Top agencies arm your accounts with robust analytics platforms out of the gates. Their technical experts integrate tools to uncover customer insights, identify untapped options, optimize bids, connect data dots, and enhance performance in ways basic platforms don’t facilitate. PPC success depends on superior analytics capabilities.

4. Lack of Account Governance

Governance frameworks optimize workflows between teams, enable new launches, ensure review processes, and eliminate errors at scale. Without rigorous optimization protocols and controls in place, account chaos often emerges.

Expert agencies institute time-tested governance processes around permissions, change control, documentation, reporting cadences, issue escalation, and more in ppc advertising management for companies. With large complex accounts, buttoned-up governance and consistency are mandatory. Specialized partners bring orders.

Recognizing the Signs

Here are a few indicators that it may be time for enhanced PPC support:

  • Ballooning CPCs but flat conversion rates
  • Minimal quarterly optimization
  • No expansion into new PPC formats and platforms
  • Analysis limited to default platform reports
  • Strategy relying on individual knowledge
  • The campaign launches dragged on for weeks

Most Companies See Drastic Improvements After Handing PPC Over to Experts

Research shows that 75% of companies that struggled with stagnating PPC performance saw significant turnarounds within 6 months of handing management to a specialist agency. The data reveals that the top benefits of outsourcing PPC include a 32% average increase in conversion rates, a 46% jump in qualified website traffic, and a 20% reduction in cost per acquisition. Additionally, 90% of brands reported being “very satisfied” with agency expertise compared to their previous in-house efforts. The overwhelming data signals that recognizing when you’ve maxed out internal PPC capabilities and switching to seasoned professionals can have an immense positive impact.

If any of these signs of underperforming PPC are familiar, partnering with expert ppc management services could provide the solutions your accounts need. Specialist agencies have advanced analytics mastery, meticulous optimization processes, innovation capabilities, and governance frameworks to reignite growth and efficiency. By handing off day-to-day management to seasoned professionals, you can reclaim control over spiraling costs, stagnating performance, and wasted spending.

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