Why Enclosed Auto Transport For Exotic Cars

The ideal alternative for shipping supercars that need additional protection and care along with higher insurance coverage to ensure the safety of the sent cars is enclosed auto transport, also known as covered car transport.

Owners of exotic cars view their prized possessions as investments because they put so much money, time, and effort into keeping them in the finest condition. For moving exotic vehicles, enclosed auto transport is recommended. It is a premium car transportation service created just for pricey and valuable vehicles; it provides the highest level of protection along with numerous additional services so the owners won’t have to worry about the safety of their cars.

Why Enclosed Carriers for Exotic Cars?

Owners of premium and high-end vehicles favour this technique for a number of reasons:

It is the most secure method of moving autos. Auto transport that is enclosed offers protection from outside elements like bad weather, dust, rocks, and other road hazards. Additionally, it reduces the likelihood of efforts to steal shipping automobiles.

Additionally, since the enclosed carriers take up less room inside the trailer, the cars inside are kept in position and protected from unneeded movements while travelling. Additionally, compared to other transportation kinds, loading and unloading procedures are safer when done using enclosed trailers since they are frequently equipped with specialized instruments, such as hydraulic lifts, to ensure that low-ground clearance vehicles are loaded securely.

Greater privacy

Owners of exotic cars may not feel comfortable having curious passersby touch or take pictures of their prized automobiles next to them or with them on display for all to see. Fortunately, enclosed carriers can greatly contribute to guaranteeing a high level of privacy on the road.

Premium services

The safest and most secure delivery is provided by using an enclosed transport service. Additionally, having direct access to customer support will ensure that owners of exotic cars receive the greatest care.

The many options shipping companies provide to keep track of the car’s condition and the transport process, such as a GPS tracking system and the ability for the client to contact the driver directly or customer service agents available to answer any questions about the transportation process when needed, is another benefit of enclosed auto transport for exotic cars.

Types of Enclosed Carriers

Depending on the materials used to construct the trailer box, there are two basic categories of enclosed carriers:

Hard-side enclosed carriers often referred to as hard-shell carriers, are the ideal option for enclosed auto transport for exotic cars since they are composed of sturdy materials like aluminium, fibreglass, and tin.

There are one-car enclosed trailers, but most hard-shell carriers come with hydraulic lifts and can carry about four cars at once. This level of protection ensures that the vehicle will arrive at its destination in exactly the same condition as when it was loaded on the trailer.

Soft-shell carriers, also known as soft-side enclosed carriers, are less expensive than the earlier variety. Strong materials were used to make the carrier’s top. The trailer box is not completely closed, unlike hard-side carriers, because the front, back, and sides are made of durable canvas.

The canvas will shield the automobiles from prying eyes and offer excellent protection from most outside elements, but the vehicle may become soiled during transportation and require cleaning.

Nevertheless, it can still be used for enclosed auto transport for exotic car operations.

It’s critical to base your decision on the car’s kind, value, ground clearance, and shipping budget when selecting an appropriate enclosed carrier. For exceptionally low ground clearance vehicles and pricey supercars that demand the maximum level of protection, hard-shell carriers are advised.

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