Why enrol on a Human Resource Certification Course?

Of late, with businesses going global and the ever-evolving technologies, most businesses appreciate human resources certification. Moreover, the rising competition and opportunities for HR jobs, have made it a requirement to have HR certification in HR jobs.


HR-related skills like team management, labour relations, employee benefits and payroll, and risk management have become inescapable for businesses and employees. And with this ever-rising demand for HR in business, the importance and essentiality of HR Certification In Dubai have become worthwhile.


What is HR certification?


The HR certification can be helpful and beneficial to aspiring HRs as it will train them about the responsibilities that can help in adding value to an organization. In the contemporary professional setup, the role of an HR is undeniable. They are responsible not only for recruiting the best resources for businesses but also to maintain the workplace environment.


An HR certificate demonstrates the competence, credibility, dedication, and experience of a candidate and helps in landing a job with an HR position. With an HR certification course, an individual can skill up with the industry requirements and become a valuable asset for businesses. The courses provide team building training that helps them in becoming better recruiters.


There are several HR credentials that one could pursue. And for you to understand all this more clearly, here are two popular HR credentials to look out for.


PHR Certification: PHR or Professional Human Resources certification is one of the most popular HR credentials. PHR deals with the technical and operational aspects of HR management. This credential path is ideal for those who are experienced in professional HR positions. An individual with the PHR certification will have to deal with responsibilities that are more concerned with the HR department rather than the organization as a whole.


The eligibility criteria for a PHR certification would require at least one of the following: At least one year of HR experience at the professional level along with a master’s degree;

A bachelor’s degree and two years of HR position at the professional level; or at least four years of HR experience at the professional level with a high school diploma.


SPHR Certification: SPHR or Senior Professional Human resources certification helps in solidifying the HR role and paves the way for HR leaders. The SPHR certification helps in achieving the mastery of strategy and policy-making aspects of HR management. An SPHR-qualified professional would know the different HR disciplines and also know industry issues that stretch beyond the HR department.


The eligibility criteria for SPHR certification would demand one of the following:

At least four years of experience as a professional HR and a master’s degree;

At least five years of experience as a professional HR and a bachelor’s degree; Or at least a high school diploma with seven years of experience as a professional HR.


Reasons why it is worth earning an HR Certificate


Certifications are validations for an individual’s skills and knowledge. It helps in strengthening the resume and differentiates it from the non-certified competitors. Moreover, the certification courses help provide the right training to the candidates to deal with the challenging responsibilities and tremendous opportunities before them.


Here are the three most motivating reasons that could guide you in enrolling for an HR certification course.


  • An HR certificate can help you to set yourself apart from your competitors. It would make your resume look valuable and bring greater opportunities. If you are an HR and planning to take forward your career then getting a certification could be of great help. It differentiates an individual from non-certified peers, thus bringing in better career opportunities.


  • One of the most impressive reasons for acquiring a certification can be the higher pay. Needless to say, certifications validate the skills of an individual thus making them a valuable asset. Most industries and organizations look for candidates that make their workplace better. An individual can take up this opportunity to skill up with certification courses and witness a significant hike in the paycheck. Although, other factors impact the salary hike, but credentials play an important role and are an impactful factor.


  • Certifications are also believed to boost the chances of promotion. HR professionals who take up the courses in HR Certification In Dubai are more likely to enjoy promotions and get better professional positions. Researches show HR professionals with newly acquired certifications are 25% more likely to enjoy a promotion within 5 years of the certification.


With that being said, it can be genuinely said that certification courses are the ticket to some of the amazing career benefits. It is generally believed that the industry demands professionals that are well-equipped with contemporary knowledge and skills. The certification courses offer just the same. They help in upgrading the knowledge and skills as per the industry requirement and help to witness effective career growth.




Bottom Line


In contemporary workspaces, HRs play an important role both for the employer and the employee. Every leading company require efficient and hardworking individuals who are well-versed in HR responsibilities and management. Moreover, there are ample amount of opportunities in the HR department for individuals to flourish and accomplish. With the HR certification courses and team building training, HRs can upgrade their skills, which will be beneficial for themselves and the organization.






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