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For example, paper files can be easily hacked, which could pose a threat to privacy. Paper-based therapeutic methods may find it difficult to use sensitive papers. In addition, the process of creating papers and digitizing them adds another step to an already long documentation process. There are better options in therapeutic notes software. TherapyNotes, a cloud-based electronic medical record (EHR), is designed for mental and behavioral health institutions.

It is used by all types of treatment facilities to automate processes, streamline daily operations, and optimize workflows to improve the quality of service. It is essential to have electronic health records, billing, a calendar and a client portal. TherapyNotes has been serving hundreds of hospitals across the country since 2010, making patient records more efficient. This allows them to be easily accessed, secured, and well-organized.

TherapyNotes’ Benefits

Practice Management Made Simpler: Therapists can now securely use therapeutic note software and applications to speed up their procedures.

  • It is possible to create notes from templates. These templates are often available in the form of discipline-specific templates such as telepsychiatry and online coaching programs.
  • Digitized files can often overcome the structural problems inherent in paper-based filing systems. They securely store notes in a searchable, structured database.
  • These papers can be transferred — The right software, when combined with file-sharing capabilities for intra-team or patient-practitioner contact, may greatly increase the efficiency of a practitioner.

You can save time by allowing physicians to spend less time recording data. Staff can also increase their daily traffic without compromising quality care through automation and task support.

  • Comprehensive therapeutic notes applications should also guarantee that notes can be read easily by a wide range of professionals. Many paper notes are handwritten and may not be readable by some clinicians, which can cause problems with continuity of care.
  • Therapy notes software can be used to simplify the process of creating new patient notes and documentation. It has simple drag-and-drop interfaces and templates. The sensitive nature of many telehealth services means that therapeutic notes software must be used in a way that ensures records are kept secure.

To increase income, you can increase the number of people who visit your facility each day to generate additional revenue. You can quickly get reimbursed by using technology to manage billing and claims.

Patients can access their medical history, prescriptions, test results, and other information. Physicians can spend more time face-to-face with patients as a result.

Information security: Only authorized personnel have access to certain records. Access to patient information is easy. HIPAA compliant, the information is protected with multiple levels of encryption.

Mobile apps and the client portal can be used by providers to update patient records and send messages while they are on the move. The physician must have all current information before meeting with the patient.


You can schedule one-time and regular appointments, view appointment-related notes, and send reminders to patients via the calendar. You can organize your schedule by doctor, client, or practice location. A personal to-do listing includes notes, treatment plans, administrative paperwork, etc.

Built-in templates and searchable diagnostic codes: allow for quick recording and notes. Doctors have immediate access to patient information and notes.

Billing: Manages all aspects of billing, from claim filing and eligibility verification to payment. All claims are immediately wiped clean of any coding errors or flaws. It allows for the creation of superbills, which contain all the necessary information to allow for quick reimbursement.

Credit Card Processing: Money is automatically transferred into a bank account through the integrated payment processing software.

TherapyPortal Client Portal: Patients can use TherapyPortal to manage their appointments on their mobile devices. Doctors can communicate with patients via video conferencing, text messaging, and taking notes. You can customize the color scheme, logo, or welcome message.

Telehealth allows physicians to meet patients online and have comfortable video chats with them. TherapyNotes is connected to the patient portal via encrypted sessions.

Scheduling: This allows you to connect your to-do lists to records, notes and billing. You can schedule appointments and manage the items on your to-do-list for greater efficiency. You can also customize the calendar display and sync your mobile calendar to make appointment scheduling easier.

Choosing Software That Is Right For You:

You don’t have to buy a complete system if you are a solo practitioner or small business. There are many independent software programs that can be used to treat small businesses, such as sole traders or start-ups. You can also get free trials of most well-respected software.

Pricing Vendors for standalone treatment applications often use a tiered pricing model so companies don’t pay too much for services they don’t need. Take the following example:

  • Basic pricing tiers & plans: The most basic pricing plans and tiers are charged monthly. These plans are usually limited to a few people who can use the therapeutic notes system.
  • Higher Tiers – These tiers provide greater access to more users and

We are always available to assist you.

Suites can be more costly than standalone applications that have a tiered pricing structure. EHR systems that provide comprehensive treatment notes are great for use in hospitals and clinics. To choose the right therapeutic notes software for your company, you need to understand the system’s capabilities and the processes it requires. You should also be able to explain how your patients could benefit from the system. Be aware of your budget and the number of employees.

Sometimes, standalone therapeutic notes software can be integrated with an existing client management system. TherapyNotes prices start at $25.00 per Month. You can also download a free version. TherapyNotes offers a free trial.

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